Double Drip Coil Sauce Sherbet Rainbow 50ml

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An outrageously fizzy rainbow sherbet coated in a fruity hard candy exterior.

Made in the UK, Double Drip dedicate their entire range to sub-ohm cloud chasers. They have a wide range of very unique flavours in their arsenal. This juice really is made with serious vapers in mind.

What are VG and PG?

VG/PG indicates the ratio of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) to Propylene Glycol (PG) that makes up the e-liquid. VG is a thick liquid that is known to bestow a sweet taste upon the juice that contains it. PG, on the other hand, has a much thinner viscosity and no taste. PG produces the feeling of a “throat hit”, which VG does not. There are various ratios of VG/PG found throughout the e-cig market. Some with very high VG for creating lots of vapour, some with higher PG for “stealth vaping”. So, depending on which vape setup you have/ what your personal taste is, the decision is completely up to you. Here is some information on the VG/PG content of this particular e-liquid;

The VG/PG content of this liquid is 80/20

This mixture of VG/PG is tailored towards vapes with a higher wattage and sub-ohm resistance. We do not recommend buying this eliquid if the resistance of your coil is higher than 1.0 ohm as the coil will struggle to soak up enough liquid in between hits, leaving you with a dry hit. This liquid is however, perfect for drip tanks or RDA atomizers.


The typical levels of nicotine contained in e-liquid are as follows;

  • 0mg/mL
  • 3mg/mL
  • 6mg/mL
  • 10mg/mL
  • 12mg/mL
  • 18mg/mL
  • 20mg/mL

In the UK, 20mg/ml is the legal limit for the nicotine content of vape juice. It is also against the law to manufacture and distribute any nicotine containing e-liquid in a bottle of more than 10mL in volume. To get around this, some manufacturers started to sell what is known as “shake ‘n’ vape” or “short fill” e-liquid. This is where they sell 0mg/mL liquid of greater volume (most commonly 50ml – 100ml), in bottles that have space for the customer to add their own “nic shot” shot of nicotine.

Here is a useful table to help you calculate the amount of nic shots you will need to add to your 0mg/ml shake ‘n’ vape or short fill e-liquid in order to achieve your desired nicotine content.

Please note that the table below refers to the use of 10ml nicotine bottle(s) at 18mg strength.

Volume of nicotine free eliquid25ml50ml100ml
Required nicotine strength1.5mg¼ bottle½ bottle¾ bottle
3mg½ bottle1 bottle2 bottles
6mg1 bottle2 bottles4 bottles



Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep away from children and animals. NOT FOR SALE to persons under 18 years of age.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

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