Why do I need to verify my age?

If you make an order from http://www.vapening.com, you will be required to verify your age when viewing your cart or checking out.  This is in compliance with a UK law that prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes and e-liquids containing nicotine to anyone under the age of 18.

When can I verify my age?

When you access the cart or checkout pages, you will be asked to verify your age. If you create an account, you will never have to verify your age again. Please note, should you choose to check out as a guest you may be required to verify your age on every time you attempt to place an order. Creating an account, if you have not already done so and logging in when placing orders should speed up and enhance your shopping experience.

How can we verify your age?

Age verification is conducted via an external database, where an approved third party will check your details against a number of sources, including the Electoral Roll.

Once you are logged into your account, there are two ways in which you can verify your age:

You can complete the online form during the checkout process when placing your order through your account or as a guest. You will need to supply your full name and address as they appear on the Electoral Roll and/or on your birth certificate if successful this should not result in any delay to your order.

If you prefer to use a guest account to place an order, you can complete the online form during the checkout process each time. Again you will need to supply your full name and address as above.

How will my details be used?

If you complete the online form your name and address will be sent during the checkout process to our verification partner who utilise the services of organisations like Experian and other credit reference agencies to validate your supplied age details. They do NOT conduct a credit check and will only seek an ID check to verify your age. The searches are in no way detrimental to the customer’s credit worthiness or credit score and are not visible to other providers of services.

We appreciate your patience and support. If you have any questions or issues during checkout, please don’t hesitate to contact us.